Only God!

Only God Could Create…

A Bowl of Kittens!

800_7070Only God could create a bowl of kittens! These are two of a litter of four at my daughter’s family’s house in Rome, Georgia. It’s more than amazing that an eternity ago God knew they’d be born last month. That’s hard for me to imagine, but I guess that is one of the ramifications of omniscience – he is all-knowing. Think about this: John 17:24 says “for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” He loved my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids before the foundation of the world. He knew the beginning of each of their lives, what day, what hour, what minute. He knew they’d live in Rome and knew they’d love cats! And he knew these two kitties would be born and when it was time, formed them using his wisdom, power and handiwork. And he even threw in different personalities that they’d each develop.
Now that’s pretty awesome, isn’t it!!!

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