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A Fearsome, Awe-Inspiring Hawk!

A Fearsome Hawk!

I looked out the window a few months ago and no more than 10 feet away on a branch was this huge, beautiful hawk. We have a wooded area behind the house with bird feeders and little critters who like to feed on the seeds that drop down when the birds pick out their favorite seeds and push the others to the ground. We also have several hawks that fly high over the woods and make their eerie high pitched screams as they watch over their domains on the ground, and nest in the very tops of the trees.

As I watched, the hawk dove headfirst for something on the ground below the feeder at the window. I couldn’t see what it was after because the feeder is close to the house and below the window. After a minute, I looked out and watched the hawk land on a tree branch 50 yards away and start pecking away at some poor creature caught in its talons (probably a chipmunk). Grabbing my camera I spotted him as he flew to another branch and took a nap after his meal.

I thought about this brief episode and was amazed at the drama that went on as God provided his beloved hawk a meal at the expense of some other of His beloved creature’s carefree day. From the tiniest to the tallest, that’s the way God’s world works. It really doesn’t seem fair to the chipmunk. But I’m sure it seemed fine to the hawk. And humanly, the ways of survival in the animal kingdom makes sense to us.

Of course for us, it’s difficult to see it in such casual terms. When people we love are lost or suffering, or when we are sitting in that hospital bed suddenly (as I was not a few days after this photo was taken), wondering if we are going to live another day, the fairness and fate of it all can be quite scary. But I am reminded of something my pastor Doug McIntosh said years ago. Life for us is like we are looking up at the underside of a huge elaborate persian rug. The underside has threads and fibers dangling randomly in all directions. And when you see it, you can faintly make out a pattern. But it is a confusing mess that we cannot envision making any sense. God’s view of the rug is from above. A perfectly designed thing of beauty. Each of the threads in just the right place to complete the pattern and contribute to the completed, intricate, colorful work of art. Each of our lives contributing to the beautiful tapestry as we weave in and out of our fellow fibers lives and are knit together for all eternity.

So my desire is to see the sometimes ugly, seemingly unfair underside of the rug and yet “Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean NOT on my own understanding. I will acknowledge Him and He will direct my paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

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