Only God!

Only God Could Create…

A Beautiful Leaf

Next to my mailbox on the hard pavement, this leaf was crushed from cars running over it, people and dogs walking on it… unnoticed…the gravel from the roadbed cracking the leaves from underneath. I rescued the leaf from becoming dust and examined the beautiful patterns and structures God had placed within it in order for it to fulfill its mission. It had become part of the beautiful landscape for all who enjoyed our tree this year. Seen, but unnoticed. It was part of the history of a tree…one of a few million leaves that would bud, grow and fall in order for its host to continue to live and radiate beauty. Yet had I not gone out to get the mail and seen it crushed at my feet, its glory would never had made these “headlines.” Such is life. God does an unseen work in all his creation in so many creative ways and weaves it all together to make up the vibrant fabric of life where “leaves” come and go, serving their purpose for a time. And then he calls each of them home in his perfect timing.

There is no single Eternal Leaf that lives forever on an earthly tree. Yet there is a difference in God’s kingdom tree for us “leaves.” God has told us in his Word that “God so loved the world that whoever believes in Him shall have ETERNAL life!” That on God’s tree of life, all of us CAN be assured our lives mean more than what we see as we live them here. Our bodies are born, grow and eventually are returned to the earth as dust. But unlike the leaf, our spirits live on.

What a mystery! What love God has for us!

Only God!


This post is dedicated to my Mom who lived most of the last 40 years in a little house in a dense forest next to a lake and who passed away quietly on Thanksgiving morning. She loved the birds, the squirrels, the deer (except when they ate the flowers she planted!)…but especially the trees.

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