Only God!

Only God Could Create…

Spiders and Roses!

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Last year Carol and I went to Costco and saw a pallet of double knock-out roses on sale for just a few dollars each. We planted them and now have a whole front yard full of beautiful roses. After two seasons, the roses are a constant source of beauty and enjoyment to us and our neighbors who frequently comment on their health and constantly blossoming flowers. Last week I went out to get the newspaper and saw this spider who had decided to make the roses home! This little friend has been there now for over a week and tonight caught some rather large beetle it will feed on for a few more days. I got to thinking that the spider is completely unaware of what it took to provide this perfect home for his pleasure. It is unaware of the thought, the fertilizer, the watering, care and  pruning that keeps the roses blooming. It simply lives its life as God intended. There is a parallel with our own lives. We have an infinitely intelligent, caring and loving Heavenly Father who has made our planet a place of beauty, nourishment and wonder. And we are oblivious to what it took for Him to make it all happen. Oh the wonder of the mighty God who could make soil, rain, plants, sun, spiders and roses!

John Piper has a great observation about God’s beauty and glory: “The beauty of God is as pervasive and practical as the glory of God. If we admire the glory of God, we are admiring God’s beauty. If the glory of God has an effect in our lives, God’s beauty is having an effect. If God acts to magnify this glory, he is acting to magnify his beauty. So consider the pervasive and practical place of beauty in all things.” Take a minute and read his blog entry “How Pervasive and Practical is the Beauty of God?”

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Technical: Nikon D800, Nikkor 60mm 2.8 Micro lens, ISO 400, 1/250 sec, F5.0



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