Only God!

Only God Could Create…

Why OnlyGod365?

“It’s our human nature to fret and stew and try everything in the world to satisfy ourselves, but that is never going to be the answer. I myself have found tremendous comfort and joy in observing God’s creation.” – Elisabeth Elliot

GGHProfilePicI started this site to showcase the amazing power of our Mighty God in giving us the world around us to enjoy! All photos will include ONLY God’s Handiwork. No human created things will be present in the photos. I am committed to showcase photos that strike me as so totally amazing and unique that the viewer should consider, “How could that just happen by chance?” I will also post some of the 67,000+ photos in my personal archives shot over the past 40+ years that I have never shown publicly!

This site is also an exercise for me to stay disciplined in my approach to photography as well as consistent in my wonder and amazement at His hands at work. My hope is that you too will take a moment and reflect on the amazing complexity and wonder of God’s creation that we are blessed to experience moment by moment during our short stay here.

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George G. Hoffman
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